NewsJanuary 2, 2016

Heavy new year

To all our fans, friends, followers and haters! May 2016 be filled with great joy.


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NewsDecember 8, 2015

Thank you!

Thanks to everyone, who showed up at the Mass Deathtruction Festival to support us on our first show in Belgium. It was awesome!

At the same time, it was our last show this year and our last show for an indefinite period, because we’re taking a break.
We’re NOT splitting up!

There will be irregular news, so just stay tuned. Thanks to you all for supporting us!

We’ll be back someday and we’ll bring hell with us!

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NewsOctober 14, 2015

Tour Aftermath

Our LEX TALIONIS Tour with Eïs is over and it was a fucking blast! The shows were great and our time on the road, even with the biggest lack of sleep ever, was one for the books. All of that was possible thanks to YOU, our loyal fans and thanks to the local promoters and their crews! Thank you!

Further, we feel the urge to name a few special people, who we’ve met on this tour:

We’d like to thank Frank, Tanja and Tina of the SCR Metal Nights Crew for their tremendous hospitality and their very well organized team. It is very rare to be treated like family, but those three made it possible.

Another shout out goes to Georg and the team of the MARK.freizeit.kultur in Salzburg, Austria. Keeping an eye on details is very rare these days, too.

The last one goes out to Michael and the crew of the BACKSTAGE in Munich. Two words: HELL YEAH!

Last, but not least, we would like to thank all bands, who have joined/supported us on our tour, but especially Asphagor and Grift for riding and raising hell with us. You guys are fucking nutz! We need to do that again!

Now, we will start to prepare ourselves for our last show, which will take place on the MASS DEATHTRUCTION FESTIVAL 2015 in Belgium on December 5th.

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