Toni “Ravnsturm” Merkel is no longer a member of NEGATOR. It was his decision to leave the band.

Since there’s no official statement from him, to explain the situation to you, our fans, we can only give you our view on the situation: We are severely disappointed about his decision to leave the band after only 6 months. We thought that we had finally found not only a drummer, but a friend, a brother in arms, a comrade to march with us. We saw his great skills, his even greater potential to create something big and we had a lot of fun hanging out and performing with him, but as it seems, all of that was “too much” for him, to let him become a loyal member of Negator, as it was his wish when he joined the band. Furthermore he saw himself confronted with the fact that being part of a band means more than “just” having great instrumental skills. So he made his decision.

Now, again, we’re facing the situation of not having a drummer. With this in mind it’s really hard for us to just keep on going, as if nothing has happened. We will let you know, what will/might/might not happen with Negator, soon.

Stay tuned and thanks for your support!!