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Blood | Bones | Horns | Metal

We’re proud to announce that a dark alliance of metal, bones, blood and horns has been formed between the great mind of Kvlt&Knochen and NEGATOR. More details will be uncovered soon.

Missa pro defunctis

The fire burns and it burns brighter than ever: We will enter the studio in early October MMXVII to record the music to our “Missa pro defunctis” which shall honor our past, to make way for our future. Stay tuned for more details.

Urzorn joins Antiqva

Urzorn has joined forces with Xenoyr to bring Antiqva to life, together with members of Cradle of Filth, Black Crown Initiate, Karkaos & Blackguard, Dirty Granny Tales and SUSPERIA (OFFICIAL). He will, of course, stay a full time member of NEGATOR. Read the whole story at BraveWords

We’re confirmed for the United Forces Festival