!!!! WICHTIG !!!!
Aufgrund eines Autounfalls, in den unser Drummer Samebrann heute unverschuldet verwickelt war, ist es uns leider NICHT möglich, die für diese Woche geplanten Shows, zu spielen. Dies betrifft natürlich auch die heutige Show mit CHTHONIC und SATYRICON!!! Bitte gebt die Info weiter! Wir halten euch auf dem laufenden bezüglich des Gesundheitsstaus von Samebrann!

!!!! IMPORTANT !!!!
Because of a car accident in which our drummer Samebrann was embroiled through no fault today, we are NOT able to play the shows, which were scheduled for this week! This affects today’s show with CHTHONIC and SATYRICON as well! Please spread the info! We keep you updated on Samebrann’s health status!

Our new Shop is ONLINE! Check it out for CDs, Vinyls, limited Editions, Shirts, Zipper, bundles and more! Just click on “SHOP” in the main menu, or follow this link: shop.negator666.de

Finally we have found a company to work with regarding our Hooded Zippers! The production will start next week, so they should be available through our store in about 3-4 weeks. One more IMPORTANT info: Since the reactions on both designs (XEN & Evelyn Mota) have been overwhelming, we decided to make 2 different Zippers!!

The first one will be XEN’s winning design on a Gildan Heavy Blend Zipper and the second will be Eveyln’s design, which has been voted 2nd, on a Fruit of the Loom Zipper!!

We have a winner for our CREATIVE COMPETITION which we held over the last month on our Facebook Page. Check out the picture to get an idea of how our first Zipper will look like.

The voting for our CREATIVE COMPETITION has begun! VOTE NOW! goo.gl/lxXkIs