Brothers and Sisters!

Following our announcement of April 16 on Facebook, we would like to reveal today what we have prepared for this year’s Beltane for a select few of you.

The official seal of the Temple of Negator.
The Seal of Deniers.


– Only 50 of them were handmade and 5 of them are worn by ourselves.
– Each seal is made of 69 grams of zinc alloy and is galvanized in antique bronze.
– They have a diameter of 60 mm and a thickness of 4 mm.

A detailed description CAN be requested with every order. Each of these documents was made and signed by Nachtgarm and will be enclosed with the order on demand.

The seals can be ordered from 01.05.2018, 0:00 CEST.
Wear them with pride!

In addition, we will reduce the prices of all our products (except Downloads) throughout May.


The Paths of above and below we walk
Through Elements of air, fire, water, earth and spirit
Ancient powers within the soul of man converge
At the center of the four-Horned altar
Through the gate of the Moon to the burning Sun
And beyond the distant realms of deserts and eternal thrones
We stand united upon the earth as the acolytes of this world


And I saw a beast rising out of the sea, having ten horns and seven heads and on its horns, ten crowns and upon its heads, names of blasphemy…

We will enter the studio in August 2018 to record our sixth full-length album!

There will be more details along the path to come. Until then, you can still grab your copy of GRABLEGUNG in our shop. There are only a few left and the bundle edition (with T-shirt) is almost sold out!

Spread the word!


Hail Winter! Hail grim tyrant of the north!
How loud thy tempests vex the troubled air,
how vanquish’d nature groans in deep despair,
As roll’d in fable gloom, thy ruffian bands come forth!
Fierce down the vale thy bellowing storm descends;
Amain big torrents burst; with thunder’s roar
The howling winds fatigue the sea-beat shore;
While night with triple shades and direful fate attends.

Light a fire, for the winter solstice is amongst us.

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