Hail Winter! Hail grim Tyrant of the North!

It is the winter solstice and we did not want the year to end with silence. Therefore, we decided to release a digital Single from our upcoming Album “VNITAS PVRITAS EXISTENTIA”.

The Single is called “Et Verbvm Caro Factvm Est” and is NOW available on Bandcamp and in our shop.


Due to an circumstances out of our reach, the pre-order for GRABLEGUNG will start ONE MONTH LATER! That means:

PRE-ORDER START: December 1, 2017 – 8PM CET

Nevertheless our online store will be open again from November 1, 2017 on and we will have some rare offers for you to bridge the gap until the pre-order for GRABLEGUNG starts.

Further, we are proud to announce, that Troflbert himself is part of the new recording. Watch his performance on TÜRME in our last Studio Video. Click below

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!!! ACHTUNG !!!

Aufgrund von Umständen, die wir leider nicht beeinflussen können, startet der Vorverkauf von GRABLEGUNG einen Monat später! Das bedeutet:

PRE-ORDER START: 01. Dezember 2017 – 20 Uhr
PRE-ORDER ENDE: 01. Januar 2018 – 20 Uhr

Nichtsdestotrotz wird unser Online Store am 01.11.2017 wieder verfügbar sein und einige rare Angebote für euch bereithalten, um die Wartezeit bis zum Vorverkauf zu überbrücken.

Weiterhin sind wir stolz, dass Trolfbert teil der neuen Aufnahmen geworden ist. Seht euch seine Perfromance für TÜRME in unten stehendem Video an.

Verbreitet die Kunde!

Before we reveal the final title of our next record on Wednesday, September 6th, 9 pm CEST, we want to give you a little more detail on the progress of the unholy alliance between Kvlt&Knochen and NEGATOR.

Kvlt & Knochen


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In about 4 weeks we will finally give in to our inner demons (and to you). We will enter the Hertzwerk//nullzweistudios​ in Hamburg.

Stay tuned and subscribe to our news feed because we will reveal more details about our next release weekly (every Wednesday at 21 CEST) from now on.