Hail Winter! Hail grim Tyrant of the North!

It is the winter solstice and we did not want the year to end with silence. Therefore, we decided to release a digital Single from our upcoming Album “VNITAS PVRITAS EXISTENTIA”.

The Single is called “Et Verbvm Caro Factvm Est” and is NOW available on Bandcamp and in our shop.

We have a LIMITED offer on our Facebook page!
Speaking of sharing, liking and spreading the law: We give away 100 FREE digital copies of OLD BLACK and 100 FREE digital copies of PANZER METAL!!! To get a download code, you have to do the following:

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We’ll answer asap and send you the download code! Start sharing NOW!

1 code per share and person!
ONLY messages to our FB Page will be answered with a download code!
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We’re now on BandCamp where you can buy ALL our records as digital copies in the file format of your choice (FLAC, MP3, etc). All other merch will be still available in our store, which you should already know by now. Check it out at