Watch NECHTAN tracking the Guitars for our upcoming – VINYL ONLY – release “GRABLEGUNG”. Recorded at the nullzweistudios in Hamburg, Germany.

The Pre-Order for GRABLEGUNG starts November 1, 2017!

We’d like to welcome Wanja “Nechtan” Gröger to the circle. He’ll be filling the empty spot on the drums from now on and his first official show with us will be the Dark Troll Festival.

Since we don’t have a drummer at the moment, we feel the urge to let you know: We WILL perform at the Metal Hammer Paradise 2014!! Samebrann will help us out! Loyalty answers, when duty calls.

  1. We’re working on a new record! For quite a while now. The songs are coming together, but it’ll take more time to acutally show you some new stuff, but hell… the new stuff is dark and heavy as fuck.
  2. The first shows/festivals for 2015 are already confirmed and will be posted soon.
  3. We haven’t forgotten your demand! The playthrough videos of PANZER METAL and ATONEMENT IN BLOOD are in the making

Check out this drum cam video of Eisen wider Siechtum from our Show on last Saturday’s Dong Open Air! Ravnsturm is KILLING IT for you!