Watch FINNSKALD and URZORN tracking the Guitars for our upcoming – VINYL ONLY – release “GRABLEGUNG”. Recorded at the nullzweistudios in Hamburg, Germany.

The Pre-Order for GRABLEGUNG starts November 1, 2017






Since there are some rumors going around and we wrapped ourselves in a cloak of silence, here’s what it looks like at the moment:

We WILL play all confirmed shows, which, so far, are:

Mar 13 | (DE) Bremen | Freie Geister Festival
Mar 14 | (DE) Leipzig | Heidensturm Festival 5
May 14 | (DE) Bornstedt | Dark Troll Festival VI
May 15 | (DE) Pfaffing | Bavarian Battle Open Air
July 24 | (DE) Wohratal | Ragnarock Open Air
Aug 22 | (DE) Schleswig | Meltdown Festival

Check the “Shows” section on this page for more details.

Furthermore there might be something special in the second half of 2015. Keep always in mind that NEGATOR will never surrender, no matter what circumstances we have to face!

Ascended from the ashes of Babylon
silent watchers of aeons to come
The serpents tongue, the lions claw
We are the prophets of fire!!

  1. We’re working on a new record! For quite a while now. The songs are coming together, but it’ll take more time to acutally show you some new stuff, but hell… the new stuff is dark and heavy as fuck.
  2. The first shows/festivals for 2015 are already confirmed and will be posted soon.
  3. We haven’t forgotten your demand! The playthrough videos of PANZER METAL and ATONEMENT IN BLOOD are in the making

Check out this clip of CARNAL MALEFACTOR, which has been recorded at the Metal.Frenzy Open Air 2014. Comments, Shares and likes are appreciated, as always!

Hail to Flesh! Hail to Lust! Hail to Sin! Hail to Glory!

Here’s a clip of “Nergal, The Raging King” from Gates to the Pantheon, live at the Wolfszeit Festival. It’s a bit blurry, a bit overexposed and a little out of focus, but it sounds great! Don’t you think?

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