Heavy new year

To all our fans, friends, followers and haters! May 2016 be filled with great joy.


Live Footage

We just got a fan-filmed video of our performance at this year’s edition of the Fimbulwinter Open Air which took place in Hesse, Germany at February 8th. It may not have been the most fancy stage, nor the best sound and besides technical difficulties, injuries on and off stage and the weather conditions (approx 5°C), we had a lot of fun and really enjoyed this show. We hope you will enjoy this raw and unadorned video!

Studio Report

Footage about the creation of GATES TO THE PANTHEON

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Release EU (via Viva Hate Records):
Digital & CD – April, 19th

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Release USA (via Prosthetic Records):
Digital – April, 23rd
CD – May, 14th

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