It consists of:

  • a handmade, stained and branded wooden box with hinged closure
  • CD Digipak (24 pages booklet)
  • Double-sided gold art print of the cover on black cardboard and the 10 commandments of the Temple of Negator with the dimensions 16 x 16 cm. (printed by our brothers of Rotwelsch-Siebdruckwerkstatt)
  • 10 ml corked glass bottle with incense mixture exclusively produced by Nachtgarm himself.
  • One piece of quick ignition charcoal

The box measures 22.6 x 22.6 x 3.6 cm and this edition is limited to 333 copies!

From Friday, September 6, 2019, the TEMPEL EDITION can be pre-ordered exclusively in our shop (CLICK HERE) for 40 € (+ shipping).

Nachtgarm is working tirelessly on the TEMPLE EDITION of VNITAS PVRITAS EXISTENTIA, which will soon be ready for pre-order. More details on the contents of this exclusive box, strictly limited to 333 pcs. and only available HERE, will follow soon.

Brothers and Sisters!

Following our announcement of April 16 on Facebook, we would like to reveal today what we have prepared for this year’s Beltane for a select few of you.

The official seal of the Temple of Negator.
The Seal of Deniers.


– Only 50 of them were handmade and 5 of them are worn by ourselves.
– Each seal is made of 69 grams of zinc alloy and is galvanized in antique bronze.
– They have a diameter of 60 mm and a thickness of 4 mm.

A detailed description CAN be requested with every order. Each of these documents was made and signed by Nachtgarm and will be enclosed with the order on demand.

The seals can be ordered from 01.05.2018, 0:00 CEST.
Wear them with pride!

In addition, we will reduce the prices of all our products (except Downloads) throughout May.


The PRE-ORDER for GRABLEGUNG will start on November 1, 2017 – 8 PM CET!

You can pre-order until December 1, 2017 – 8 PM CET!

As stated in our last news, there will be two options:

OPTION 1: GRABLEGUNG – Standard Edition

NEGATOR - Grablegung - Standard Edition

  • 7 completely re-recorded songs
  • 1 brand new song (Der Ruf der See)
  • Limited to 500 copies worldwide (incl. 150 Bundles)
  • hand-numbered
  • 280 g/m² sleeve
  • black vinyl

Pre-Order Price: 16,99 € (+p&p)
Normal Price: 19,99 € (+p&p)

OPTION 2: GRABLEGUNG – Bundle Edition

NEGATOR - GRABLEGUNG - Bundle Edition with T-Shirt

  • comes with T-Shirt (black print) – (Sizes S, M, L, XL, XXL)
  • T-Shirt brand: SOL’s Imperial (Deep Black – 190 g/qm)
  • Limited to 150 (of 500) copies worldwide
  • 7 completely re-recorded songs
  • 1 brand new song (Der Ruf der See)
  • hand-numbered
  • signed by the whole band (on cover/with silver marker)
  • 280 g/m² LP sleeve
  • black vinyl

Pre-Order Price: 29,99 € (+p&p)
Normal Price: 34,99 € (+p&p)

The Bundles will be limited to one (1) bundle per order!

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