Heavy new year

To all our fans, friends, followers and haters! May 2016 be filled with great joy.


Thank you!

Thanks to everyone, who showed up at the Mass Deathtruction Festival to support us on our first show in Belgium. It was awesome!

At the same time, it was our last show this year and our last show for an indefinite period, because we’re taking a break.
We’re NOT splitting up!

There will be irregular news, so just stay tuned. Thanks to you all for supporting us!

We’ll be back someday and we’ll bring hell with us!

Unitas – Puritas – Existentia

Better late, than never. Here’s the new Shirt Design, we have promised you last week! Let us know what you think. It’ll soon be available in our shop.


Brethren of the fire, behold!

Mark the date of 01.05.2015 at 01.15 am (CEST) in your calendars, to be the first to witness, what will be coming over the earth this fall!

“Pray to the fire of Girra
Firstborn on the firmament
He, who is the wildest warrior
He, who is the bearer of the torch”

Dark Troll Festival Trailer

In a few weeks we’ll conquer the Dark Troll Festival. Check out the trailer.