Behold, for it was promised!

The tracklist for our next record “GRABLEGUNG” reads as follows:

1. Science of Nihil
2. Der Infanterist
3. Eisen wider Siechtum
4. Old Stigma
5. Türme
6. Dignity of War
7. Panzer Metal
8. Der Ruf der See

The first seven tracks will be exclusive and completely re-recorded versions. Further, “GRABLEGUNG” will feature a brand new song called “Der Ruf der See”.

NEGATOR - GRABLEGUNG - 2017 - Cover Artwork

Stay tuned, for we will reveal more details about our upcoming release on Wednesday, September 20th, 2017 at 9 PM, CEST

Harken! For we are calling to the entombment
to honor the old – to serve it in a new spirit

The title of our next record is “GRABLEGUNG” (Entombment)

Next Wednesday, September 13th, 9 PM CEST, we will reveal the artwork and the tracklist of our next record.

Before we reveal the final title of our next record on Wednesday, September 6th, 9 pm CEST, we want to give you a little more detail on the progress of the unholy alliance between Kvlt&Knochen and NEGATOR.

Kvlt & Knochen


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In about 4 weeks we will finally give in to our inner demons (and to you). We will enter the Hertzwerk//nullzweistudios​ in Hamburg.

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