Harken! For we are calling to the entombment
to honor the old – to serve it in a new spirit

The title of our next record is “GRABLEGUNG” (Entombment)

Next Wednesday, September 13th, 9 PM CEST, we will reveal the artwork and the tracklist of our next record.


[…]”Facebook is “in the process of” slashing “organic page reach” down to 1 or 2 percent. This means that if you “like” a band on Facebook such as us, you “like” a website such as MetalSucks or you “like” a brand like Relentless, you’ll soon start seeing posts from those pages showing up in your feed a whole lot less often. Our posts will soon be reaching a lot less people (even though those people have actively chosen to “like” us). Unless we, the bands, pay Facebook money to promote each post. Which is exactly what Facebook wants us to do.”[…]

Here’s the whole article:

We have already noticed the change… So do yourself, and us a favor, and keep on commenting, SHARING and first and foremost keep on interacting with the us, or you won’t see any news from us in the future!