Check out this clip of CARNAL MALEFACTOR, which has been recorded at the Metal.Frenzy Open Air 2014. Comments, Shares and likes are appreciated, as always!

Hail to Flesh! Hail to Lust! Hail to Sin! Hail to Glory!

Here’s a clip of “Nergal, The Raging King” from Gates to the Pantheon, live at the Wolfszeit Festival. It’s a bit blurry, a bit overexposed and a little out of focus, but it sounds great! Don’t you think?

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Here’s a drum cam video of FEUERSTURM at the Metal.Frenzy Open Air 2014!
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Check out this second drum cam video of our show at the Dong Open Air. You want more double bass attacks? More blast beats? Here you go:

Here are some news for the next few days/weeks:

1. We will make 2 playthrough videos! The first one will be PANZER METAL as most of you’ve demanded it! Until it’s finished, check out our YouTube Channel for all the other videos, we’ve made so far:

2. From now on we’ll enclose a FREE Relentless Patch to every order which is made in our online shop (while stocks last) (4 cm x 7 cm/1.57 in. x 2.75 in.)


3. Next friday, July 18th, we’ll headline the Boarstream Open Air. Stagetime is 00.00h.

4. The day after, July 19th, we’ll play at the Dong Open Air! Stagetime is 18.15h.