As promised, here’s a playthrough video of “Bringer of War” by Ravnsturm! Share it, give it a like and let us know what you think!

Our show at the “Gahlen Moscht Metal Open Air 2014, which was our first show with Ravnsturm on Drums, was recorded. Sadly we just have the video with camera sound, but anyway. Check it out, share it and let us know what you think!

We would like to welcome and introduce our new drummer Ravnsturm! Some of you might already know him by his real name Toni Merkel! When Samebrann left the band, we thought it would be very difficult for us to find a worthy successor, but due to a series of fortunate coincidences we found Ravnsturm, he was passionate from the beginning about the idea and already three weeks later, we had our first rehearsal together in which he nailed every song! We’re really looking forward to work with such a tremendous drummer in the future and he surely will be a great addition to our next shows and records.

Ravnsturm says:
As a longtime fan of NEGATOR , as well as blast beats, I’m very honoured to be the successor of Samebrann. Furthermore I’m looking forward to do my duty on the drums.  Cheers and PANZER FOREVER PANZER.

Check out this playthrough video of “The Last Sermon” Ravnsturm has made and also check his profile and other pages (links below the video)

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Natalia Kempin made a drumcam vid of Samebrann blasting “Atonement in Blood” on the Ragnarök Festival

We just got a fan-filmed video of our performance at this year’s edition of the Fimbulwinter Open Air which took place in Hesse, Germany at February 8th. It may not have been the most fancy stage, nor the best sound and besides technical difficulties, injuries on and off stage and the weather conditions (approx 5°C), we had a lot of fun and really enjoyed this show. We hope you will enjoy this raw and unadorned video!